Monday, October 29, 2007

Long time...Long post

Well it seems that I am unable to sit down and blog more than once a week right now. This is going to be a big post....sorry. As you will be able to tell from the pictures the weather here is cold. The snow suits may seem like overkill but when the wind picks up it is freezing here.

This Friday we attended our local Waldorf school's Halloween alternative. It is called the Enchanted Garden and it is so nice. This was our 3rd year. There were wood cutters, gnomes, bakers, little red riding hood, a flutist, and angels. Unfortunately, I have no pictures as my snapping away would have ruined the mood.

This Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch with some friends. We went on a hay ride, picked some pumpkins and Olivia and her friends went on a ride that was just for them and got lost in a hay maze (she's the one in the red toque).

Sunday we went to an event at a local organic pear farm. It was so lovely. There was live music, free organic food and tea, crafts for kids, a farm tour and a huge pile of leaves to play in. We all had a blast. We went for a little walk in the orchard and found some HUGE old pear trees. Many of them had gnome doors in them. Olivia was thrilled to run from one to the other tree to find more and more doors. We even found a chimney in one tree.

On Monday we went for our regularly scheduled nature walk. We had missed 2 Mondays due to sicknesses and man did we miss a lot! The leaves have all lost most of their leaves and it is beautiful. I am so happy that I get to experience this with my children and even more happy that I will continue to get to do so even when they are "school age". While their peers are stuck in stuffy, poorly lit classrooms my girls and I will be out in nature enjoying all the seasons to their fullest. Even on Monday all of Olivia's friends were in preschool while were out on this walk.
We took our usual route through the "deep dark forest" which was quite light with the canopy of leaves gone, found a wasps nest (or was it a fairy home?) hiding up high in a tree once hidden but now exposed,we found a HUGE gnome door at the foot of a tree,
sat on a big rock watching the river flow by and tried our hardest to catch leaves as they floated down. It was a really nice day.
I am now off to try to come up with a costume for Tigerlily for tomorrow..... Wish me luck!


amanda said...

These are great photos! I am enjoying my visit to your blog. The costumes turned out so cute, too. I especially like "snake hatching from an egg". That is some wonderful creativity.

Tomtemama said...

Hi Amanda,

Thank you for the compliments :). I have been reading your blog for a little while. I love hearing about your days with Ivo.

The snake hatching out from a shell was definitely a tall order. Maybe next year she'll just want to be a fairy or a pirate or something. Although I doubt it one can always hope.

Thanks for linking to me from your blog.