Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pssssst .....

I'm so excited!

I'm back into the swing of things at Etsy. I am making an attempt to post something new every day, I have 2 new categories coming into the shop and I sold something within 20 minutes of listing it today (what a high!!!).

The new categories are upcycled toys and the other is needle felted balls. These new categories will be filled slowly but surely. I have tons of ideas for them.

I have added a Waldorf style doll (the one pictured above) made out of a felted sweater to the upcycled toys category so far and am still working on the first felted ball. I will post some pictures of the ball as soon as it's done. It will probably still be a few more days as it is very involved, you'll see. I have more ideas for more balls which I can't wait to get underway.

Just in case you're new to the term upcycling (as I was until very recently)Wikipedia defines it as:

".......the use of waste materials to provide useful products. Ideally, it is a reinvestment in the environment and embodiment of the notion that while using resources one is also contributing to them and their value. This is antithesis of the consume and waste concept in society. "Upcycling is the practice of taking something that is disposable and transforming it into something of greater use and value.""
I'll hopefully be back very soon with some pictures of the ball.


Emilie said...

That little doll is so darling!

Carle said...

This is amazing - oh and thanks for the explination.