Thursday, November 01, 2007


Happy Halloween and Samhain!!

Well yesterday was busy!!

I had to make a costume for Tigerlily. It took me most of the morning to decide what to do and then the rest of the afternoon to do it. So my little duckling was born. I know it's not great but I needed something to keep her warm and comfy. Sorry about the dark pictures but I was lucky I even got any pictures.

About a week ago Olivia decided that she wanted to dress up a snake hatching from an egg. The same rules applied regarding comfort and ease of movement.

Also, we celebrated Samhaim (pronounced Sawen) by taking some time to think about those of us who we have known who have passed away and may be visiting us today.

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Amber said...

Wow, the snake hatching from an egg was a challenging request, you really pulled it off! Nice job!