Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The fall is here!

These are the pictures that are currently on our seasonal blackboards. We made these boards in the summer while Todd was home from work by painting 2 MDF boards that are 4' x 2' with chalkboard paint. Now he is in charge of adding art work to them as the seasons shift. I wish I was able to do some of the drawing but I just don't have the talent or experience. Since I took these pictures he has added a squirrel to the daytime (leafy) tree and a little mouse is also hiding in the roots for Olivia to find.

It is our intention as a family to mark the seasons in our home to really emphasize to the girls what is happening out of doors. Another tool we are using is a nature table.

Olivia really got into the chalk painting as well. She is really into playing with the table. She has a mouse that she pretends is a squirrel gathering nuts. Tigerlily is really into taking the squashes down and biting and dropping them. Maybe next year she'll be able to use the nature table a little bit more creatively. The strange faceless person is a person that Olivia made at the Parent and Tot class we attend that is offered through our local Waldorf school (the one where Todd works). This is the closest thing that to school that our girls will ever experience if everything goes according to plan. The little person is still a work in progress but she really wanted it up there. We bring found items from nature when we are out and about and bring them to the table when we get home. We've had a nature table for a while now but this year Olivia really gets it. I love watching her playing with and collecting things for the nature table.

My first entry.....

Well, I've hummed and hahed (how do you spell that?) about what to write in my first ever post. It has been almost a week since I created this blog and have not written anything because I feel that the first entry had to be spectacular. I've just had to accept that it will not be spectacular or else it will never get written.

So here it is. My first post. It's much less spectacular than I had imagined it to be.